Tuesday, March 29, 2011

the downfalls of identifying as a parent

When you proclaim your role as your parent as your identity you're disclaiming so much of your individuality. It's natural to want the best for your children and to make their growth and development a priority in your life. But what happens when they disappoint you? How do you respond?

If your child reveals a lack of compassion, indifference to things of true value or a cold heart to those who care for them do you question yourself and the job you've done raising them? Do you take it as a personal failure?

People will be people - and children are people. You can do the best you can to reinforce a world in which you believe in but you cannot control your child's processes or path. You guide them but you don't mold them. You can consistently love them and open doors and create experiences but they are the ones who must internalize, integrate and then engage in the world as they perceive it.

Keep your balance. Keep your individual sense of identity. Keep your children close while you can but then recognize you must let them be free to be who they will be and you must also be free to let you be you without being defined by who you've raised.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

what kind of guy?

I am at a funny little spot in life - trying to figure out what I want. My core wants/needs are all being met, and now it's time to focus on a different phase... my personal stuff. Lately, I've been thinking more and more about dating, relationships, regular male interaction type stuff - not anything serious or long lasting, just stuff. My kid is getting older and so am I. I'm ready to venture out in that world again.

Here's the problem. I don't know what I want. I am consistently mistaken for a good bit younger than what I am and I feel that way... my friends laugh as younger men are also drawn towards me - right up until they discover the age difference. However, as much as I want the energy and enthusiasm and a bit of that mentality I also want someone who is older and wiser and comfortable in who they are with a touch more maturity - yet without being old and fuddy and fussy. I've not really met an available man that meets that criteria.

I don't know what to do, and so in this instance I do nothing at all. I wait a bit longer and when it's right I'll get it. Or it will get me. One or the other.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Richmond High gang rape, SR gang rape - what is wrong with these men?

People ask me about the sense of safety and security here, compared to home. Richmond is not far from home. While this is going on, back in SR there is a preliminary hearing about another 15 year old girl who was was walking home, grabbed by a car of men, driven to a local school and raped and beaten. She, however, did not have to be hospitalized in critical condition for her injuries. She hid her bruises for a few days out of fear, embarassment and a sense of disgrace. Young women are victimized not only by the violence they've experienced, but again by the societal perception of the experience and questions around their acts or actions that may have "led to" or "warranted" sexual aggression.

This insanity must end. Not to say this is a cultural norm, as fortunately it's not, but for any gathering of 20 men to either participate or passively give their presence to such an atrocious act - it is a strong indication that our society is failing. I don't have the answers, but parents must take the first steps to responsibly raise their children by lovingly teaching them integrity and respect... on so many levels that would make this world a better place.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Uhhh, seriously behind here

Not that it matters too much, but, I've had a few things come up.

ONE - I am tired of trying to explain why I don't date. I've got 2 years left with my kid, whom I adore and whose company I enjoy, and I don't want to spend a chunk of that trying to meet someone special - I've got someone special to focus on and then the rest of my life to find a partner.

TWO - I am surrounded by adorable boys. Adorable younger boys who meet me and think we're much, much closer in age than we really are... and their interest is quite complimentary. And reciprocated... cause they're adorable.

What is too much of an age difference for an uncommitted not-dating but hanging out dynamic? Is there such a thing as too much of an age difference? And does it matter if the woman is older? How young is too young? I ask that cause I was reading a quote from Madonna today (in a serious book about cultural studies) and she stated she likes boys young... like 16 or 17 young. That, for me, is too young. Even thought it's legal here.


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Be quiet and learn.

I know a little about a lot of different things and a lot about very little... and sometimes I need to remember to just be quiet and listen and learn.... I tend to get excited about stuff and talk, attempt to uphold my end of a conversation, when in fact, sometimes I'm listening to someone who is an authority in their field, and I really should just shut up and absorb the information the world has put out there for me to glean. Life is an ongoing learning experience, and I'm fortunate that I have the opportunity for a repeat performance, although at a group lecture instead of a one-on-one interaction. The opportunity has not passed, and this time I won't be talking.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

reasons why i dont date... but i'm getting better

I've taken a break from dating as I have such seriously screwy taste in men... it's never a sane, balanced and healthy choice.

BUT - I am getting better... and this is what helped me realize that -

I was on the tram the other day (Europe, not my hometown, but where I'm living - still don't speak the language so keep that in mind while reading) and there was this guy who got on at about the same time as me.

I looked over and quickly registered his presence and my immediate reaction was - Damn, he's hot!.

Thick wavy locks pulled back in a quick ponytail, brown, but sun bleached like a serious surfers, not too tall, not too short, deep tan to go with the sun bleached hair, loose white cotton shirt, dark comfy khakis... he looked calm, cool, and collected. And sexy.
Really sexy.

This is the point where normally my thought process and logic stop. The following is why I say I'm getting better.

We rode on the tram for only 1 stop and the happened to get off together. During the short ride I realized he beyond merely hot and ventured in to incredibly sexy - but there was something more... something else, elusive, mysterious. Definitely mysterious.

As we stepped off I laughed at myself trying to figure out what it was that hung around his presence - and thought, well he's either sexy or he's crazy, it's one of the other... I have these mental conversations sometimes, mocking myself, chastising myself, congratulating myself - whatever it is that's needed at that moment.

Once I thought it I realized - THAT WAS IT! We were walking the same direction and so I had a bit more time to observe him... and somehow my subconscious had picked up on something my consciousness had overlooked... the guy really was crazy. He'd kept it together on the tram, but as crossed the street and made our way in to Tesco it became apparent the man 3 steps ahead of me was definitely off his rocker... the muttering (no earpiece for a phone, trust me I triple checked), the abrupt jolty movements, the off kilter smile accompanied by the empty glazed eyes...

Normally I don't get to the crazy stage - not to say the men I find attractive aren't crazy - THEY ARE - but I just don't usually realize it within the first few... hours, days, minutes.... I find out after I've taken the initiative and engaged in conversation and possibly had dinner or drinks or something - a long time later, is the point.

I was pretty proud of myself. There is hope for me. If I can cut down the recognition lag from days to minutes, there's a chance I can get it before the HE'S HOT thought registers... and then hopefully, maybe someday if I'm luck, just find a not-crazy guy. I don't think that's asking for much... just... not crazy.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

euro male... the refined version

Sorta like a metro-sexual but not - not the level of artificiality I attach to the more slimy metro males.... The euro make is smooth and stylish, comfortable in his own skin - and in yours... he's attentive, listens, engages, and responds in all the right ways, his overtures are more in tune to what women want - by American standards the Euro male is the guy American men hate - sensitive, thoughtful, full of little meaningful gestures and the extra touch...

And it doesn't always lead to sex. American men - they go out of their way in the same manner and they expect to get laid. Here, it's more like an ongoing seduction... a complete seduction - and it's quite nice to be the object of that attention.

However - sex is viewed differently - sexuality is a large component of life while sex is merely a physical act. The emotional connection is not so much love or affection but more interest or desire, monogamy with in a relationship is not necessarily the standard... one person to another is not only permissive but almost expected.

Interests are fleeting, desire is a transitory state, and every physical action has an end.

Ultimately it feels like people change their focus as often as they change their underwear... and hopefully you're changing your underwear in a fairly frequent basis.

Monday, December 1, 2008

a manly debate

I've had reason to have a conversation recently about my views on dating. They're rather bleak. To sum it up - I don't.

I've been asked why not and have a number of pat responses... no time, no one interests me, not my focal point as I have such a short period of time with my daughter, etc...

However, upon honest reflection, I would like a rewarding and fulfilling relationship that is able to be supportive and respectful of the priority I place upon the Kidlet and allows all parties to be free and secure in this dynamic. Damn that sounds dry!!

I also think if I met someone I found attractive and desirable my non-dating status would fly out the window.

And now I'm here, on the other side of the world and finding that I am attractive and desirable to a wider range of men than I realized. And I'm enjoying it. I have male friends who want to be more than just friends and I don't know what to say to that. It's rather new. I have close male friends, many close male friends, but they're platonic friends. These don't really want to be.

And rather than getting swept up in the rather complimentary attention I find that I am taking a step back and evaluating myself and them... and trying to see if there's some future potential or if it's a passing fancy. I'm coming up with passing fancy.

Which means, that's not dating. That's transitory from the get-go with no intention of a relationship or even a relationship-like dynamic.

I'm also discovering that may be exactly what I need in my life.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My super duper cold

I've been sick with a head cold for weeks now. It's been driving me bonkers, but I've been muddling through (seriously, muddling is the most appropriate word I can think of right now) hoping it would go away.

It hasn't. I've tried 4 different kinds of cold medicine hoping for some sort of relief. Anything to stop the runny, sneezy nose and sore throat, and give me a clear head. Nothing until Monday night. A friend brought me back some Nyquil from Canada and I found some Cold-RX which at least stops the sniffles. Which is good because it was Sunday night that I gave up hope.

You see, Sunday night I went out with some new friends. And I obviously had a cold - I mentioned it's lasting for EVER, and the guy (he's been here 9 years) said, 'yeah, most people get it, and it's your body adjusting to the new germs here.' He had it when he first came, and it lasted for 3 years. My boss at the adult school has had it for 2 years - and I've already mentioned that it seems like everyone here is sick all the time. I guess I've joined them, rank and file.

Which is not the way I wanted to be included, thank you very much. I would have preferred to be embraced by one and all rather than have everyone avoid me as I'm the newest victim of the plague.

And Coral is fine.

It's supposed to snow on Thursday. And it's raining today.

P.S. - Mom - I got your package Monday - thank you so much for the chicken noodle soup (and everything else)! I was going to say you have no idea how timely it is, but if you're reading this far down my post I assume you do! I love you!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Thoughts on Fakies

Ok, that may not be the most apt title I could come up with, but it suffices. I have really thought about this, quite a bit, and am totally serious when I say....

I believe that women with unnaturally large breast implants should not be allowed to have children.

I'm sure that seems a little odd, but I'm thinking of extending the statement to include women with enormous amounts of collagen or any other cosmetic procedure that results in an appearance that is other than natural - you know, lips that take up 1/3 of your face, or cheekbones that are so angular they extend beyond the brow line or are even with your ears, breasts that are triple, quadruple the size of your waist (not taking in to account health issues - we're talking about implants only right now), ribs that have been removed to give an exaggerated hour glass effect - and it works cause you wonder how the girl gets anything larger than a grain of sand down her gullet...

Why, you ask, why, why , why do I have such an extreme view on this???

Good question, I answer.

The perpetuation of an artificial ideal is an abhorrence to me - that a woman is free to choose what she does with her body should be a given - but there should be a choice defined. Choosing drastic plastic surgery in order to achieve a personal version of ideal that has no bearing on a realistic or natural state of the female body should be a choice not only to undergo the procedure but also to forfeit the right to bear - or adopt - children.

It is unfair to force an innocent child to enter a world where their primary focus for so many years of their life, the standard by which they learn to judge the rest of the world and through which they learn about themselves, that that standard should be removed from any basis in reality is wrong.

A little girl should not be allowed to believe that a surgically enhanced caricature of the female body is the norm... there is no way a child growing up within that standard could ever possibly be satisfied with their own physical development - and affirmation for a young girl's body is unlikely to flow from a woman who feels the need to make a mockery of her own physique.

How unfair to the daughters... and the boys - what an unrealistic expectation you are breeding in them! What standard are you setting - that they should expect the female body to be contorted in to a spectacle rather than learn to appreciate a woman for who and how she is - they're deprived of a woman as a role model who has learned to be comfortable with her self, with a reality based physique, with who she is in relation to her body. They are deprived of a woman who can mother them who has learned to accept herself for who she truly is, and can encourage her son to not only accept himself, but to value his partner for substance over shape.

No, I'm not talking about a nose job or a lift or a little nip or tuck here, I'm talking about naturally skinny, smaller breasted women becoming Dolly Parton or bigger... the over the top porn star look... the lips that have been inflated beyond the trout pout and have become a caricature of a cartoon fish... the waist that is so small that two hands can encircle it, touching at the knuckles... this is not referring to any sort of corrective procedure, or a smoothing out, or refining process, but to those types of major undertakings that you see on the street or in a photo and wonder - why? What compelled her? How unhappy, how empty, how shallow, how insecure, how needy, how oblivious, how white bread, how easily swayed by the media, how come???

Friday, September 19, 2008

My Negelct and Ultimate Return

Ah, yes, gentle readers.... if there are any left, I have neglected you in favor or my other blog, detailing the joint adventure of an international move with my teenager...

It's a little more exciting than these mere musings on motherhood.

And yet, that blog is followed by friends and family interested in the details and daily happenings... and this one is my purely personal outlet. And after much consideration it is about to become even more personal as I delve in to the political... and risk alienating you or two who have paused for a momentary breather.

Be warned... I'm letting you know. I have thoughts and feelings, not just on parenting, but on life and the state of the union and love and the purpose in being and compassion for my fellow man.

You're about to get a double dose. Along with a taste of my contempt for my daughter's father... that know-nothing nuisance.

Be well. Be waiting. Be wary. But most of all, be back.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Yet another...

This was far from a surprise, but my sister and my nephew just left. They went back to their home, a multi-hour drive away. My nephew is about 7 1/2 months old and beautiful! He's walking around tables (holding on of course), teething, and babbling away in that endearing little bubbly baby way.

I probably won't see them for at least another year. I know that, I'm not sure they realize it may be that long before I get home. Probably longer. My concern is with getting my Kidlet back and forth to see her friends and family, that outweighs my occasional trip home. That's part of the reason last night was so hard - I don't know how long it will be before I'll see my friends again - and when I make it back I don't know if they'll still be here.

My sister finally lives in the same state as me after years and years cross country and abroad - and I'm leaving. And I was so excited she's (relatively) local - and that I'd get to be a semi-regular part of her life again.

And now, not only is that no longer true, but I'm going to miss out on seeing her firstborn walk and talk and learn how to eat and make messes and explore the world around us.

And that seriously bums me out.

Goodbye again

I went out late for a few hours... I usually head out on Saturday nights. Quite often the same group of friends gather to drink and laugh and be. Some of them were there tonight, and when I finally came home I felt like crying. I am really going to miss my friends. Drinking friends, shopping friends, substantial friends - all of them, I'm going to miss the lawn gnome that pops in every now and then, the Jamacian guy whose name I don't know but always wants to dance with me, the understated dude I just found out I was on a swim team with as a kid who sold me beer for my birthday trip to the races, the woman who has so many friends in common with me but who I don't really know yet I see her dancing up a storm every weekend, and the waitresses who are always so friendly - hell, I'll even miss the waiter who can never get your order right - or on time. These are the trivial people. There are so many more I will miss so much more. And I still feel like crying.

I know an adventure awaits me. I just wish I didn't have to wait for it any longer.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

My friend's film - THE COMMUNE

So I have a childhood friend - I thought I'd known her since we were 5 but my Mom recently informed me we were friends even before kindergarten - apparently we met in ballet class when we were 4 and hit it off then.

We don't live near each other and fell out of contact for a while - yet we've mirrored each other in odd way - interests being one of them. She took filmmaking and writing way further than I have and has just completed her first feature length film. Here's a snippet - you can youtube for more. (yes - that was youtube as a verb).

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Moving Violations

So finances are pretty damn tight right now. The lump of money I was expecting - to pay for my international move and tuition for my and Kidlet - was cut down to a mere 1/7...leaving me in a bit of a clinch.

Tonight is my birthday dinner with my friends. I've been rather stressed out about it as the group of friends is expanding in rather unexpected directions - more fringies than those heartfelt few...and I guess I got distracted while I was driving. Sitting and stressing about how everyone will get along and where people should be seated...

And so.... In my residential neighborhood I got pulled over.

And got a ticket. Failure to make a complete stop at the stop sign.

And now I have to pay the fine.

With the money that doesn't exist.

And it will cut in to my moving funds.

And it basically SUCKS.

Happy Birthday to me... Cue music.